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Hello, my name is Ege! I am a product designer with 2 years of experience. I specialize in the web app and website designs, and I am also experienced in mobile app and design system development.

I am passionate about creating user-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing designs that help people achieve their goals. I would love to use my skills to help your company create innovative and successful products.

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Here you can find my designs & previous works. I am using Dribbble as main portfolio but I didn’t include my older works due to quality standarts of mine. You can visit my Dribbble. Visit my portfolio on Dribbble My latest work, Dashboard, landing page & preview of their design system My

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Work preferences

  • Full-time: Available, remote only (outside Turkiye), hybrid (only Turkiye)
  • Part-time / freelance: Available, (minimum 10 hours of contract)

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