Listen to those who work with me!

Ayhan Karaman


He was a colleague I had been following and appreciating for a long time. I had a project that I had been dreaming of for years and now I wanted to realise it as soon as possible. We do similar work and we do good work, but since time is a very important concept, I couldn't wait any longer to start this project. I said, "If he can do it, only Ege Beşe can do it" and I contacted him through his personal site. We had our meeting and it took only 5 minutes! I was very happy that he understood me in 5 minutes and created a site that I clearly wanted. Listening and understanding the person in front of you... This is called communication! This is what our industry needs the most! If I thank you a thousand times for this, I will thank you again. Thank you Ege! (Translated from Turkish)

Kürşad Sualp


We entrust both our own website and our customers' websites to Ege Beşe as UI and UX. With its modern designs, there is almost no need for revision. Finally, we contacted Ege Beşe for a website that will add a premium atmosphere, we explained the website we thought as a draft, and he started to build the design we wanted by acting extremely fast. If you want a user experience and SEO compatible design, you can deliver your site to Ege Beşe with your eyes closed. (Translated from Turkish)

Uğur Güray


We have started a very important project with Ege Beşe. First of all, they are very interested. His sense of responsibility is very high and he takes the risks very strategically. Therefore, it makes your decision-making process very comfortable. We would like to thank Ege Beşe for his successful project management. (Translated from Turkish)